Computer science & Information Technology

About the Department

  • Ananda Mohan College is a premier evening college where Computer Sc(H & Gen) available. A very healthy student teacher ratio is maintained here.So, the students get enough attention, inside and outside of the classroom. Our vision is to spread the knowledge of computer to those section who are interested but unable to take the advantage of day time education. 
  • Courses : B.Sc(Gen & Hon) in Computer Sc. & Information Technology paper for B.Com(Gen & Hon)


The department is suitably equipped to meet the demands of the University of Calcutta undergraduate course. The department has

  • Air-conditioned software laboratory with total 15 No of Computer arranged with demands of the C.U syllabus.
  • Hardware laboratory as per demands of the C.U syllabus.
  • Well-stocked departmental seminar library to serve the purpose of the students any time.
  • Department has an LCD projector which helps the teachers to teach through PowerPoint presentations.
  • LAN facility , Printing , xerox & Net facility etc. are available at Lab.

Syllabus :

Computer Science (Honours and General) C.U syllabus

Faculty Members: 

Prasenjit Kundu


Specialization: Software Engineering.


Other Faculty Member

Name Designtion Qualificatin Specialisation Email
Sayan Das. Guest Lecturer M.Tech, MCA. Machine Larning
Swapan Maity Guest Lecturer MCA, M.Sc(Math), E-Commerce