The Library of Ananda Mohan College was established since the inception of the college. The library has vast collection of more than 22,235 (as on 31st March, 2015) books which include old, rare books and valuable reference books. It is enriched with an excellent collection in the fields of Pure Science, Biological Science, Social Science, Literature etc. During the year under report (2014-15), the library accessioned 366 books which were purchased from UGC budget.  The Library remains open on all working days from 2.30 P.M. to 9.00 P.M.

Library Collection

The Central Library occupies a unique place in academic activities of the Institute.  The Systematic Accession Register was started in this Library from 1945 and the first name of the accessioned book was “Indian Economics” by P. N. Banerjee.

Total no. of books (up to March, 2015) : 22,235

Total no. of Periodicals subscribed (up to March, 2015) : 11

In addition to Central Library, each Honours Science department of the college has a ‘Seminar Library’ separately consisting of text and reference books.

Seminar Library Collection

Mathematics Seminar Library- 186 (up to March, 2015).

Physics Seminar Library -343 (up to March, 2015).

Chemistry Seminar Library -376 (up to March, 2015).

Zoology Seminar Library – 117 (up to March, 2015).

Botany Seminar Library – 70 (up to March, 2015).

Physiology Seminar Library -305 (up to March, 2015).