The Department of Chemistry has a rich and long heritage, nearly as old as the Institution itself. “Chemistry” as honours subject has been offered since 1997. Since then, the department has proudly gifted an appreciable number of able graduates, who have established as Scholars, Chemists, and Research Scientists in due course of time. The Ananda Mohan College, in general and the department of Chemistry, in particular, has achieved its reputation for its “homely environment” and lively relationship with students. The department is well equipped with more than enough laboratory and library facilities.


Dr. Priyatosh Dutta

Associate Professor
Email: ditsadut[at]yahoo[dot]com

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Theoretical Calculation of Electronic and Molecular Structure: Some Novel Pathways.

Specialization: Theoretical Chemistry; Quantum Chemistry .

Dr. Pradip Kumar Maiti

Email: pradipmaiti1959[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

pradip maiti

Dr. Rijaul Haque Mirdha

Head of the Department
Assistant Professor
Email: rijaulhaquemirdha[at]gmail[dot]com

Specialization: Physical Chemistry; Clusters; Reactions Path.

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Dr. Attreyee Mukherjee

Assistant Professor
Email: attreyee.m[at]gmail[dot]com

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Synthetic studies on Heterocyclic Systems.

Specialization: Organic Chemistry.


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Dr.  Shyam Sarkar

Assistant Professor
Email: sarkar.shyam[at]gmail[dot]com

Ph. D. Thesis Title: Development of Colloidal Lanthanide doped Fluoride Nanocrystals.

Specialization: Inorganic Materials Chemistry; Nanocrystals; Sensing; Photoluminescence.


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Dr. Suranjana Chatterjee

Assistant Professor
Email: ranjanasur[at]yahoo[dot]com

Ph. D. Thesis Title: Mechanistic studies on redox reactions of multinuclear higher valent Manganese and Iron complexes in aqueous media.

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Dr. Sounak Dutta

Assistant Professor
Email: duttasounak7[at]gmail[dot]com

Ph. D. Thesis Title: Design and Development of Self-Assembled Supramolecular Materials and their Biochemical Applications.

Specialization: Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanomaterials.

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