Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. 1: What are the general Rules and Guidelines of the Library?

Ans. Please Click hereto know more details.

Ques. 2: What is the Central Library opening timing?

Ans. The library is kept open on all the week days, except the Institute holidays. Besides, during summer recess, the Central Library remains open as usual.

2.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M. (Monday to Friday).

2.00 P.M. to 8.00 P.M. (Saturday).

Ques. 3: What are the issue/return (of books) days and timings of the Library?

Ans. B. Com. (General & Hons.): First Year and Second Year [Monday & Wednesday]

  1. Sc. (General & Hons.): First Year and Second Year [Tuesday & Thursday]
  2. A. (General & Hons.): First Year and Second Year [Wednesday & Friday]

All Stream (General & Hons.): Third Year [Any day except Saturday].


Library Book Return- 3.00 P.M. to 6.30 P.M.

Library Book Issue- 6.30 P.M. to 8.30 P.M.

[Requisition slip for issuing books will be received everyday till 6.30 P.M.]

Ques. 4: How can I become a member of the Central Library?

Ans. A new user has to collect the membership form available at Circulation Section and submit it along with two stamp size photographs. While collecting the library identity card, the respective user should produce his / her College identity card and fee book. After collecting the Library Card one can borrow books from the Central Library.

Ques. 5: How many books can I borrow?

Ans. Student can borrow one book for 15 days from the Central Library. Further, Science students’ can also borrow one honours level text books for 15 days from the respective Seminar Library.

Ques. 6: How much fine I have to pay if I would not return book within the stipulated date?

Ans. A borrowed book should be returned within the due date; otherwise Rs. 0.50 paisa per day will be charged from the user as overdue charge.

Ques. 7: Is it possible that I can use the library card of my friend on his/her behalf?

Ans. No, borrowing of books through friend’s library card is not possible at any circumstances.

Ques. 8: How do I renew a book and for how many times can I renew the same books?

Ans. For renewal, a student/ user has to bring books to the Circulation Counter and can renew the borrowed books.  He/ She can renew the books consecutively for maximum of one time only.

Ques. 9: Can the reference book be issued to the member?

Ans. No, reference books are not issued to any member of the Central Library. They are only meant for reading in the library.

Ques. 10: Can I get xerox/ reprography of some pages of books inside the Central Library?

Ans. Yes, the photocopy facilities are available in the Central Library.  Library allows only central library and seminar library books/ periodicals. However, outside documents will not be copied from the library. Keeping in mind the copyright restrictions, a student can get xerox/ photocopy of maximum 20 pages of a book @0.80 paisa per page.

Ques. 11: What shall I do if I lost the library membership card?

Ans. In case of loss of the library membership card, a duplicate library identity card may be issued on the basis of application to the Librarian along with the payment of Rs. 10/-.

Ques. 12: What shall I do if I need the clearance of dues from the library?

Ans. No dues / clearance certificate is issued provided that all the outstanding dues in respect of borrowed book(s) and delay fine, if any, are cleared. Library Identity Card also must be submitted.

Ques. 13: What is ‘OPAC’?

Ans. OPAC stands for ‘Online Public Access Catalogue’. It enables speedy searching of a particular book online using different search criteria like title, author, subject, call number.

Ques. 14: How do I search Library collection/resources?

Ans. Library is automated and the collections are searchable through Online Catalog [set no proxy for IP 8000].

Ques. 15: How do I search books (in Catalogue (OPAC)?


  • Go to library OPAC page. There is a search box with caption “Search Catalogue (OPAC)”. First select the search criteria i.e. title, author, subject, key word, series, call number and insert a word or words of a book you like to search. Press enter. It will list all books matching the words you input.
  • You can also click on “Advanced Search” just below the search box. It will take you to another page “Web OPAC Page”. It provides Advanced Search options. In Advanced Search, you can search books by combining several fields like author, title, keyword, publishers etc (with operators LIKE, EQUAL TO, AND, OR) in the same query. This will give very specific / more relevant results.
  • You can restrict your search to a particular item type like Books, Bengali Books etc. ks etc.

Ques. 16: How OPAC search helps me to locate the books?

Ans. OPAC is the On-line Catalogue and you can search the books available in the library by putting any of the identity key words or numbers known for the documents in the search box in computer. It shows you the bibliographical details of the books along with its Call Number. The call number helps to detect the location of the book in the library.

Ques. 17: Whom to contact for queries regarding finding books and journals?

Ans. There is a help desk at the circulation counter of the Central Library for queries regarding finding a book or a journal. For further assistance if needed, contact with the Librarian.

Ques. 18: How can I give my comments/ feedback to library authority?

Ans. Any student/ user can give his/her comments/ feedback by using ‘online feedback system’ embedded in Library Website. The Library welcomes students’ ideas, feedback or comments regarding library services. Click on the below link to give feedback.


For further information & assistance please contact:
Ananda Mohan College
E-mail: amclibrarian101@gmail.com